Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dallas Farmer's Market

     I love fresh produce. When I can, I go to the farmer's market near our house.

     But when I had a week with Mom to myself and heard about the Dallas Farmer's Market, I insisted we go. She didn't need much persuading. And so we went off on a grand adventure.

     Once we arrived, we found it overwhelming. The selection was incredible. Every booth seemed to be bursting with hug, ripe, juicy fruits and veggies!

     The summery colors and bright array dazzled our eyes. The summer heat was not unbearable, and we purchased tomatoes, blueberries, peaches, and zucchinis. Mmmmm!

     I highly recommend the DFM if you live in the area. All the food is very high quality, so all you have to do is find the lowest prices.

     Oh! I almost forgot to mention...


     And I'm a sucker for food samples.

     Just go. They're open 8-6 every day.


Friday, July 11, 2014

5 Legit Reasons to Limit Pinterest


     I love Pinterest. And I mean LOVE. I could live without it though. I know because I did it for thirteen years! It's my only "social network," but it isn't really "social" at all.

     It IS addicting though. And whenever one of my friends signs up, they spend the next three months doing nothing else. And then they learn to slow down (usually!).

     I've taken several weeklong breaks from Pinterest and honestly did not get "behind." I think it's that mindset that can help us all limit social networking.

     Oh yeah. 5 legit reasons to limit Pinterest:
  1. Because it is not good for your brain. You know this. It's much better to be off devices, even in free time when it's so easy to waste hours on your favorite website.
  2. Because you will have more time to read. This is better for your mind, and you might even be inspired to write or climb a mountain or do something awesomer than looking at a screen all day.
  3. Because people are more important. Think about it like this: every time you get on a device to do __________ (fill in the blank), you are telling the people around you that __________ is more important to you than them. I know this isn't always what we are trying to do, but it's true.
  4. Because you can break the stereotype American. Enough said.
  5. Because your castles in the sky are mostly fantasy. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you can use Pinterest for practical things or not. Most of the time, you won't actually make that recipe, do that craft, or have that wedding. So let it go...I mean chillax...and remember that expectations dampen joy.
     For more on Pinterest, see this awesome article: Why Women Are Obsessed with Pinterest

     I'm not condemning social media. It's good sometimes. We just have to remember to be careful.

     At the end of our lives, God will be asking us how we spent our time for His kingdom, not how many followers we have.


How I Spend My Typical Summer Day

     I hope you are all enjoying your summer. Mine's been full of renovating our new home. (Sorry. I still don't have pictures up.) My day to day tasks vary greatly, but the general outline of my summer day is as follows.

8-10ish Wake up ~ This has been such a blessing because I usually cannot sleep in. As a teenager though, I do love my sleep.

9ish-10ish Breakfast ~ Smoothie, Eggs & Toast, or anything else I can find. :)

10-4 Whatever that day's task is ~ whether it may be babysitting, school, hosting a Bible study, cleaning, or just chillin'. Usually it isn't the latter. A lunch of leftovers is in this time slot too.

5ish Write ~ I haven't been writing on The Little Decorator or in my "life" journal much, but I have been writing a novel. I currently have about 6,000+ words, which I am very proud of. That translates to twenty pages of a Word document. I have a sneak peek here.

6:30ish Eat dinner ~ This week's menu was homemade pizza, spaghetti, and crockpot chicken. Ice cream and lemon poppy seed bread were the two desserts we made.

7:30ish Shower and evening activity ~ either chill with my family while watching TV/a movie, going on a walk, and eating ice cream or be scattered over town at various activities. If everyone is out of the house, I can write some more or design stationery.

10:00ish Quiet time and sleep ~ I'm working on getting back to quiet times in the morning because they are more meaningful/productive then.

     So there you have it. I'm working on several projects of house, writing, and social types.

     I hope you're all having a delightful summer and staying cool!


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

60s Fashion at the Beach

     This oh so sweet, summery pic makes me want to go to the beach and read a Nancy Drew and buy a bright yellow dress (oh wait, I already have one!)

     Don't you wish swimsuits were this modest nowadays? Or even cover-ups? Sheer cover-ups kinda defeat the purpose...

     I love how they are so cute and stylish and brightly colored/patterned, but still modest.

     That's my motto!

     Please wear something modest this summer. A good rule of thumb is something you would wear to a grocery store without a cover-up and without feeling awkward. :)


P.S. You probably already know yellow is my favorite color, but just saying, it SO is this summer!

Monday, June 16, 2014

What I'm Doing This June or Why I Haven't Been Posting

     Summer is a lovely time of favorite actually!

     I'm taking a break from posting because we are working on our new house. Cleaning, scraping popcorn ceilings, cleaning, removing wallpaper, cleaning, cleaning, and did I mention cleaning? June is also my birthday month, so I will be celebrating that. (15! Whoop! Whoop!) And our church's VBS is this week, so lots of crazy stuff happening!

     That being said, I'll catch up with you maybe July or whenever I have legit time to write.

     Enjoy your summer: stop by every little kids' lemonade stand, soak in the sunshine, make music, go swimming, conquer that long summer reading list, and make new friends!

     Have an incredible, magnanimous, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious summer!


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Potato Stamp

  1. Half a potato (Mine was leftover from a stew.)
  2. Sharp knife (for cutting potato the old-fashioned could take the easy route with a cookie cutter)
  3. Paint & Paintbrush
  4. Thick paper (I used watercolor.)
     I cut the potato to the heart shape I wanted, painted it, and put it on the paper. It was looking a little blah so I added polka dots for a sweet surprise.

     Have you been up to anything crafty? I'd love to hear in the comments below.


Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Book Cases

     This is a fuzzy picture of how the awesome built-in book cases are styled in our room right now. When I first walked through our current rented duplex, I was so excited for two things-- the flower bush in the backyard (turned out not to be a rose bush) and these book cases.

     The coolest thing about them? The middle bottom one closes! It hides my school books perfectly; they are hidden but easily accessible.

     I've loved rearranging and rearranging and rearranging these items, but soon we will be moving (AGAIN!) to our final destination. I am looking forward to having my own room again, unpacking all the boxes in our garage (my precious books!), and being able to decorate without feeling compelled to show off Lego sets. :)

     Oh yeah...I totally just spilled the beans. We found a house!

  • Lots of windows (I love natural light!)
  • My own room (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Near our church and a pond
  • Has a community swimming pool
  • It's a fixer upper (which comes with a pro...lots of awesome projects coming in June/July and beyond!)
  • Needs new counter tops and floors, and the ceilings need to have the popcorn removed.
     Have a fantabulous day, friends!