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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


There's a little lizard dancing on my windowsill.
I've been sitting here too long.
Need to stretch. Stifle a yawn.

I'm not doing the work I should be.
My head's in my hands,
And I wanna get away from it all.

I'm gonna board a plane for a one-way flight to Timbuktu.
I've got cash and bright red lipstick too.
My hair's in a scarf, and I'm wearing dark shades.

I don't know what adventures call me.
I don't even know what language they speak there.

But I do know I'm headed to...


Thursday, April 16, 2015

That Story You're Writing? It's Important!

     What is the story you want to tell? Every decision, every habit, and every word you speak will influence where your life goes.

     As a writer, this is easy for me to grapple with.

    As a person, I'm challenged to step back and remember all the decisions I have made, even in the last hour. How beneficial were they--really?

     And over the course of my life, I am writing the story I will tell to my children and grandchildren.

     May I encourage you?

     Write a good story. Write the story you've always wanted to tell. We've all made mistakes, and we'll all continue to make mistakes. No matter! You can't rewrite former chapters of your life, but you can write the future chapters.

     One negative word could lead you down a path of negative habits.

     A few bad thoughts can lead me to make mistakes in the way I treat others.


     One generous deed could lead you down a path of kindness to the poor.

     My standing up for what's right in little things will strengthen my resolve for the greater issues.

     What story are you writing? I hope you will start writing one you'll be very proud of. One you don't have to leave out any details to. One that blesses future generations.

     Because they're looking to you.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring to You. Spring to Me.

Come, spring weather!
Fill us with fresh air.
Fill our homes with flowers
And our souls with sunshine.

And in return, we'll give you
Memories to carry on your winds.
Memories of picnics and gardening,
April showers, short sleeves, and piano tunes.

The flowers will bloom.
The feathers will fall.
The puddles will slush.
The bunnies will hop.

Nothing we do will stop spring.
Jesus brings it so faithfully.
Adventures will come.
Then spring will go.

It will take the memories we give it.
It will blow away the cool spring air.
It will go tickle our fantasies.
Then it will be gone until next year.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Threshold Braking

     Slaving through driver's ed the other day, I was pondering the deeper things in life. When I came across these words, I took a step back (mentally) and saw so much more than their face value:

     "Threshold braking is defined as 'the art of slowing down in the quickest possible way by maintaining brake force as the optimum level.'"

     We are in this whirlwind of activities in America. Even when we're "resting," our minds are churning, or we're watching tv, or we're thinking of the next thing we'll be doing.

     And we need to use our skills of threshold braking. We need to rediscover the art of slowing down in the quickest possible way.

     What if we were to suddenly stop? What if we slowed down dramatically? What if you didn't have to respond "I'm tired" whenever someone asks how you are?

     Wherever your "threshold" is today, I hope you are able to slam on the brakes and take a break. (See what I did there?)


Monday, April 6, 2015

The Daily Process That Has Changed Me Forever

     Have you ever had a lovely dream? The kind where you wake up and wish you were still asleep? Like a dream where your house was made of chocolate.

     Or, have you ever had a horrendous nightmare? The kind where you wake up sweaty and crying? Like a dream where your house was made of chocolate, but you couldn't eat it because then you would be homeless. And you were surrounded by the temptation day by day, but nothing you did would make it so you could eat the chocolate.

     I've had dreams on both ends of the spectrum and smack in the middle with dull well-I-woke-up-and-ate-breakfast-and-then-I-did-some-schoolwork-but-then-I-woke-up-for-real-and-it-was-Monday.

     Anywho, the point to all this is that I dream a lot. As in, three to fourteen vivid dreams per night. I can remember them in the morning if I write them down first thing.

     If I don't write them down first thing (before drinking my glass of lemon water or taking out my retainer or sometimes even before getting out of bed) then I will forget them.

     And I don't want to forget them. I started this last school year when I had some weird, vivid dreams. But I stopped writing them down when that journal ran out of pages.

     I recently picked it up again because I had forgotten how awesome it was to go back and read silly or strange or scary dreams.

     Your brain saves those images, but if you write them down, you will have the key to access them.

     At least, that is how I think about it.

     Did I mention that I write down why I think I had each particular dream? This is really important to me. You'd be surprised to see how many of my dreams (even the crazy ones) are attached to the things I did the day before or events I am anticipating. Or perhaps I dreamed about a person because I got an email from them or miss them.

     Or I might have no reason whatsoever, so I just put a question mark.

     It's a really cool and fascinating process for me. And when the occasional night comes that I can't remember any of my dreams, I get really upset. I like analyzing and anticipating each night.

     Maybe this sounds weird to you. Maybe it sounds interesting.

     But you know those chocolate house dreams I talked about? Well, what if there were roses carved into the walls? What if you were there with your book club discussing "Hansel and Gretel?" What if your dog had been barking somewhere in the background because there was a fire, and the chocolate roof was about to drown you all?

     But all you could remember was how mad you were that you couldn't eat the chocolate walls.

     Should've written it down! :)


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Have a Blessed Easter!

     Happy Easter! He is risen!

     May you have a beautiful day thinking of your Savior. May you laugh until it hurts and eat chocolate until your hands are covered in melted goodness!

     May you rejoice that we worship a God who is not dead and who will love us unconditionally for all time. May your time with family and friends be blessed, and may you be a light in this dark world.

     May you give grace when you are tempted to complain. May you spend extra time staring into the sunset, and may you pick wildflowers until you have a massive bouquet or string of them.

     All this because our God has conquered the grave!


     P.S. Check out the clip art above at Jones Design Company!

     Or check out my bunny obsession!

     Also, congrats to Heather who won the pom pom garland! Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Dear Internet

Dear Internet,

     I just woke up fully at 8:45. You'll forgive me, for I have a bit of a cold. It's a combination of sugar, lack of sleep, and not enough water. Shame on me, I know.

     I jumped out of bed, then tried to catch my balance and figure out where I was going with half-shut eyes. I stumbled to my desk, pulled out my journal, and wrote down my dreams. (Another post on my odd habit later.)

     I took out my retainer that I wear every night (because I want my teeth to always be this straight and I am thankful for the money my parents poured into the process.) Then I grabbed a glass of lemon water.

     No one is here. I'm the only one not busy this Easter Saturday. It's a lovely feeling.

     So, Mr. Internet, after I sent Miss Blog Post into cyberspace, I commit to turning you off. I won't check email, texts, or Twitter. I won't start "researching" on Pinterest.

     I will write.

     I will write here. I will write there. I will write everywhere. I will slave away at editing and rewriting my book. I will add a chapter to the book I'm co-writing with a friend.

     I won't worry about magazine articles, or editing other people's books.

     I will embrace the essence of writing and WRITE!